Barguettes Chez L’Ami Louis

From the 2001 KLO dinner — Tuscany

Barguettes Chez L’Ami Louis

This is yet another highly complex recipe from The Cake Bible, producing a delicious result.

I am not publishing the recipes here, for several reasons. A big one is “copyright”, as this is not a generic recipe published in the open.

The second reason is “recipes“. The main recipe and assembly instructions start on page 186 of The Cake Bible. In addition, the following recipes must be made:

  • 2 batches Nougatine (page 318)
  • Biscuit Roulade (page 142)
  • Rum Syrup, Neoclassic Buttercream, and Dark Ganache Frosting (page 187)

This is complex and requires reading and re-reading the recipes several times. It’s definitely a recipe for the ambitious!

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