Welcome to my Cooking web site

home of the

Kitchen Liberation Organization!


I’ve been into cooking since I was a kid, taught by my Mom and later branching out on my own. This site includes recipes from various sources, including family recipes and many that I created.

My collection includes:

  • recipes invented by me.
  • my mom’s recipes that she made throughout my childhood.
  • recipes from other family members.
  • Recipes from the KLO dinners.
  • some other favorite recipes.

Note: This site is an experiment and has only a small subset of my recipe collection. I’m playing with various things, including displaying:

  • KLO recipes by year, in order according to the menu
  • Family recipes by author
  • All recipes by Category

This site will change sporadically over the upcoming weeks and months as I try new solutions to get the effect I want. I will also be experimenting with non-WordPress solutions, including full recipe database applications. My DreamHost account includes full LAMP, so I will be learning PHP and MySQL to be take advantage of this.